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DLK Reevaluation Testing Empty DLK Reevaluation Testing

Post by holykhayos on Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:49 pm

The entirety of DLK will be required to undergo reevaluation testing. Scores will determine the Top 13 who will be granted a place in the Dueling Network Forums War Application.
Being on the DNF War App ultimately means that you will represent DLK on DNF-based wars.
Keep in mind, the higher up you are on the list, the more you will war.

Tests will be administered by kiryu111 and yga.
You will play a total of two matches.
The maximum number of points you may earn for a match is 20. [In other words, a 2-0 win]
If you lose 2-1, the maximum you may earn is 15.
If you lose 1-2, the maximum you may earn is 10.

Testers will be looking for misplays, ruling issues, and the like. Points will be deducted for anything and everything the tester deems appropriate.

After the testing process has been completed, a list of the 13 duelists with the highest scores will be posted.
Inivites to the DNF War App will also be issued at this date.

Please take note that if you did not place in the Top 13, you cannot war until an existing war roster member takes an extended leave or drops from the team entirely.
If neither of these situations occur, you may have another chance to duel for Top 13 during the next DLK reevaluations.
Reevaluation testing will take place in the starting as well as the middle of the format.

Good luck.

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DLK Reevaluation Testing Empty Re: DLK Reevaluation Testing

Post by Vongola-x on Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:09 pm

"If you lose 2-1, the maximum you may earn is 15.
If you lose 1-2, the maximum you may earn is 10."

Is it me or does it not make any sense?


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